La Ermita del Carmen is a 500 years old shrine sitting in a pristine natural park that has beeen carefully restored to become a modern and magnificient house where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the peaceful rhythm of mediterranean lifestyle, the house provides great indoor living and a number of stone paved patios offering comfortable al fresco sitting with majestic views to the Natural Park.

The house host 8 people, it has four double bedrooms, two twin beds and one double bed and a master bedroom with en suite bathroom, three bathrooms in total, a fully equipped kitchen and a large living room with a mezzanine.

The interior of the Ermita, designed by a group of reputable architects, incorporates all the facilities of modern architecture to the original building that, by combining it with contemporary art work and amenities, creates a unique atmosphere.

The house is surrounded by an olive garden, and has a vegetable and fruit garden that can be harvested in season. The the centenary shade of the trees around the house offer beautiful and peaceful lounging.

The 15 meter, salt water, infinity pool is perfect for swimming any time, even at nigh, as summertime is a 24 hour outdoor living in Andalusia.

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Master bedroom_AML0602


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The trees surrounding the house offer peaceful shadows to enjoy siesta in the hammock._AML0663

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Downstairs bedroom