This area has plenty of opportunities for enjoying nature and history, for discovering local cuisine and for discovering ancient cultures. From walking into nature to exploring the old villages that surround the estate. These villages are unique and the locals lifestyle is rooted into nature and agriculture, this is what Andalusia is really about. Don’t be shy, go sit in the «plaza corta» in Carcabuey and enjoy a cold drink with the locals! Time has little relevance here, relax and loose yourself into the millenary Mediterranean culture and the majestic countryside.

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Cordoba, Granada and Malaga are situated just an hour drive away through scenic routes filled with olive trees, views of the sea, and mountains. These cities offer lots to see and are specially renown for the wonderful cuisine.

If what you want is to loose yourself in nature and disconnect, just grab your book and sit in the shadow of a tree while listening to the running water of the acequia, or harvest your own fruits and vegetables from the garden while the sun sets to organize yourself an slow and tasteful mediterranean dinner.


The Ermita is part of the natural park of la Subbetica, a mediterranean mountain area, filled with woods and valleys which is highly protected for human intervention to preserve its pristine condition. You will find a variety of walks and places to visit, either by foot or bike, beautiful options are available for all levels of effort. The Chorreras waterfalls, the Sierra de Cabra walks, the traverse of Zueros, the «via verde» in Luque and many other walks in the wild are easy and enjoyable, many of them suitable for young children.

The Ermita is surrounded by sierras and olive gardens, just walking around the state you will be surprised by the splendour of nature.



Around the Ermita there are a variety of authentic Andalusian villages. The closest one, Carcabuey, at walking distance, is a 2,800 people village where time stops. Luque, Zagrilla, Zuheros, and of course Priego, are all worth discovering, they are small but you won’t miss out on the incredible tapas bars, bakeries and little shops to look around. Nothing here is specifically built for tourists, you are not a tourist, but as a visitor that the locals proudly welcome to their village. So be prepared, you may have to use your Spanish skills!

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